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Regret was the last of the three songs to have been written for the “Show Them What You Got” EP. Regret is the sad conclusion to the love story presented in Signal to the Sun. I wrote the song while in the midst of concluding an on-and-off again relationship. This song is not bashing anyone, rather, it delves into the insecurities and loss I was feeling during this time period. I’m proud of myself for how I was able to flush out the arrangement and instrumentation for this track, and Alex’s piano kills me every time I hear it. The string section of this piece was inspired by a piano instrumental written by my friend and Music Education major, Sara Parisi. I asked her permission if I could adapt it for Regret, and she happily allowed me. The music video for Regret was shot in my apartment by Rachel D’Amico, I did all the editing for this video, and it features Alex Hitrick and myself. I wanted to go for a brooding, closed-in kind-of feeling. As one can see in the video, all the shots are within this closed off, box-like space. That was meant to represent the closed-off, boxed-in space that the character feels like he is in his head, being trapped by the insecurities. The quick transitions are also meant to represent the constant onslaught of thoughts and restlessness within the character’s head.

I am so excited to finally share this music video with you all! I hope that you watch it, and that you like and share!
Thank you to these wonderful people for their contributions on this track and video
Alex Hitrick for playing on this track and being in the video
Rachel D’Amico for filming the video
Michael Lennon Trageser for helping on set for the video
Sara Parisi for help with the arrangement
Zechariah Allen for helping us record the track
Marta Waterman for her singing and production consultation
Sean Wendell for his production consultation

Published by Conor Walsh

"Conor was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York, where attended St. Peter's Catholic School in Hyde Park for K-8th, and continued his schooling at FD Roosevelt Public High School. Throughout his childhood, Conor was always occupied with sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball and lacrosse, along with being involved in school theatre, and taking guitar lessons with 2014's International Finger-style Champion and singer-songwriter Helen Avakian. Helen was Conor's first major outlet into pursuing music, as she taught him skills in playing guitar, singing, and songwriting. Conor is now pursuing a degree in Music Industry at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, where he studies many aspects of the business such as live sound, studio production, publishing, management, and more. JWill from the JWill Jamboree on KISS 96.1FM once described Conor as a “mix between Shawn Mendes and Michael Buble." Conor takes many of his influences from 90s and 2000s bands such as Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, and Daughtry; along with classic rock artists like Journey, Foreigner, Bob Seeger; and country acts such as George Strait, Restless Heart, and Zac Brown Band. Conor also finds much inspiration from the storytelling, and soothing aspects of artists such as John Denver, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, and most recently Amos Lee. Conor released his first self-recorded/produced album, “Spend Some Time,” back in the November of 2017, and released an EP called “By Your Side” back in May of 2018. Conor’s last release was the single, We Can Dance, which he dropped in September 2018. Conor is currently promoting his next EP, “Show Them What You Got,” which will be released September 27th, 2019, but will be releasing the single for “Yes” early on August 9th. One can find Conor's music on most music distribution and streaming sites, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube, and more. His song “Spend Some Time” received notoriety as it was featured in and was a finalist for The Taste of Country Hometown Risers Contest back in December of 2017. Spend Some Time later helped pave the way for Conor to win PBS’s televised talent series Celebration of Music (Troy Division) in October of 2018. Conor will be featured in a nationally televised concert series put on by PBS, which starts filming in October of 2019. Conor is an avid believer that music is the universal language because it expresses emotions better than any other form of communication he can think of. There is a long, rich history of writing and performing music, and Conor feels lucky and honored to embrace a life in which he can be a part of that tradition."

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