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That First Step

Welcome to That First Step, a blog dedicated to crossing things off your bucket list. We are Conor and Harrison, and weekly, we will be bringing you content about our first steps in chasing after personal goals. Join us as we embark on a 6-month challenge to better and enlighten ourselves in our own individual ways.

We here at That First Step hope you’re enjoying the nice weather! Here is another video installment from Conor on his wellness journey! Join my Relay for Life team, The Walsh Wednesday Warriors, and help raise money for the Relay For Life of The Capital Region Campuses! The virtual event takes place April 10th!

What a gorgeous day today, I hope that you were able to take advantage of it! Check out my latest installment of That First Step- the 6-Month Betterment Challenge with Harrison Mark.

One thing I want to talk about more that I touched on in the video is that today, March 11th, marks a year since my college alerted us that we had to leave because of Covid-19. It has officially been a year now. Honestly, I’ve been dreading this day for a while. If have been unable to get this day out of my head. This is when life as I knew shattered, and today marks a year of hell.

During this year, I lost an amazing relationship, I grieved for deceased family and friends, I feared for my life and the lives of those around me, everything I was planning before Covid-19 fell through, I fell into a few nasty vices, some of my more negative traits became more exacerbated, and I fell into an overall slump of self-doubt, loneliness, isolation, and hardship. Now, I must acknowledge all things weren’t bad; I graduated from college, I completed a number of home improvement projects, I’ve done a hell of a job caring for my grandparents, I released loads of content, and I started things like That First Step and have taken Walsh Wednesday to new heights. Even that being said, this has been one of the hardest years of my life. I look back on some of the hardest years before 2020, and then I look at 2020, and put it on a whole other plain, because there is nothing else to compare it to.

I’ll admit, there are many days where I still feel lost and worthless. Things are looking up, but things will never be the same, and now it’s a matter of building back up. In some ways, I am stronger than the person I was a year ago, but in others, I’m much more broken than I was a year ago. I admit and I accept it. This year and all of the experiences, good or bad, are apart of me, and I take them with me into the future. It’s been hard to trust the journey lately, but I still do. I will get to where I need to go because I believe in it that much. Each day, it’s all about having the drive to keep stepping in order to evolve into the best possible version of me.
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