“Show Them What You Got,” is now up and out there for everyone to listen to! Check out this Hyperfollow, provided by Distrokid, listen to it in the Music Tab, and check out new videos in the Video Tab!


“STWYG” Updates

“Show Them What You Got” will be released on September 27th on all main distribution platforms (Spotify, Apple Music,iHeart, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc).  This will be Conor’s second EP, following the “By Your Side” EP in May of 2018, and the full-length album “Spend Some Time” in November of 2017.  One can preorder the EP starting September 18th.  For more information on preordering, check out: 


“Yes,” the first single off the EP, has been recognized by the Independent Music Network, and debuted on their mainstream charts at No. 19.  As of September 17th, after five weeks on the charts and since its release, “Yes” currently sits at No. 3 on The Independent Music Network’s Mainstream Charts.  For information on IMN, to listen to their radio program, and to vote for “Yes” to help it reach No. 1, please go to https://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/

In celebration of the release, Conor and Alex will be featured on 97.7 and 106.1 WEXT on the Live at EXT program with Dave Michaels during the 9am hour on September 26th.  They will be performing the three tracks from the record, discussing their musical partnership, and speaking about future endeavours.  To listen, tune into 97.7 or 106.1 in the Capital Region, or listen online at https://www.wextradio.org/#stream/0

To continue the fun during the release week, Conor will be performing a solo acoustic set at Nine Pin Cider on September 29th from 3-5pm!  Open to the public!  For more information on the event, go seehttps://www.facebook.com/events/422820611991781/?event_time_id=422820631991779

“Yes” On IMN!!!

“Yes,” besides already up on streaming platforms, is now being featured on the Independent Music Network’s August Radio Show! Check out my music video, listen to the stream, and vote to help “Yes” climb the charts! 
Thank you again to the Independent Music Network for featuring “Yes” on their program! We are so happy here to get to share this all with you! Please watch the video, listen to the stream (I’m in Segment 2, by the way when you click “Download…”) and please vote for “Yes.” You simply scroll down to my name and click on it! You can vote once per week per device!

“Yes” Has Been Released!!!

Listen to “Yes” wherever you listen to or download music! Thank you to all the friends, family, and fans who have supported us through the process! And be sure to check out “Yes” on the Independent Music Network’s August Radio Program! More details on that later today!

You can also watch the video here! Download/stream “Yes” on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and more!

Distrokid: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/conorwalsh/yes-feat-alex-hitrick

“Yes” To Be Featured On The Independent Music Network’s August Radio Show


You heard that right, “Yes” is to be featured through the Independent Music Network, exposing it to new listeners all across the country! This is a big opportunity for me, and pray that it continues to go in the right direction. Thank you to Debi Fee and IMN for saying “yes” to my music and believing in me! Thank you to Zach Hess for doing some leg work and helping to arrange the deal for me. Thank you to Alex Hitrick for being on the song and being part of the business process. 
The easiest way for you all to hear the radio show is to go to https://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/ and click to stream the radio show as from August 9th-September 8th! While your their, please give “Yes” a vote to help it work up the charts! 
Thank you to all of your support and sticking by me through all this. Remember, after a thousand “no’s,” it only takes one “yes!”

Preorder “Yes” here on this hyper follow below!


Park of Hope: First Set is Up!

Sorry it has taken a while to get the videos up, but the first the set from Conor and Alex’s set at The American Cancer Society’s Park of Hope is now up on YouTube!!! Check out the videos in the “Live Performances…” tab of this site, or visit Conor’s YouTube channel! Songs include Tomorrow Man, Life Jacket, Lovers’ Road, We Can Dance, By The Phone, Forgotten How To Feel, and Long Way Home!